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Butterfly Valves

PECO Butterfly Valves are manufactured with the strongest and durable materials to ensure a long dependable and trouble free service. A butterfly valve is one which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. PECO is a leading manufacturer, supplier of butterfly valves in India and a leading exporter of butterfly valves to many international locations. Today PECO is a widely recognized leader in manufacturing and exporting of superior quality butterfly valves and other industrial valves for a wide range of applications. Our butterfly valves and other flow control products have a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service.

Type: Wafer Type / Lug Type / Centric Disc / Offset Disc / Double Flanged
Manufacturing Standard: API 609 / BS 5155
Testing Standard: API 598 / ASME B 16.34
Size Range: 50NB To 600NB
Pressure Rating: PN10 / PN16 / Class 150
Temperature Range: PN10 / PN16 / Class 150

Material of Construction:
Body: Cast Iron I.S. 210 Grade FG200/220 Ductile Cast Iron GG40; Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 Grade WCB: Cast Stainless Steels CF8 & CF8M
Disc: Ductile Cast Iron GG40; Cast carbon Steel ASTM A-216 Grade WCB; Cast Stainless Steels CF8 & CF8M
Seat: Nitrile, EPDM, Viton
Shaft: AISI 410/304/316
    ✔️ Easy and quick opening and closing. Small fluid
    ✔️ resistance. It can be frequently operated.
    ✔️ Simple structure, small size, and light weight.
    ✔️ It can transmit mud, and has the least amount of liquid accumulated at the outlet of the pipeline.
    ✔️ Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.
    ✔️ Good regulating performance.
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